Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ryan Braun: Guilty or Innocent?

December 10th , 2011 could be a day that makes or breaks the up coming Brewers season. No, it was not a big name acquisition via free agency, nor a trade with another team. The news that all star left fielder Ryan Braun tested positive spread like wild fire. Facing a possible 50 game suspension, Braun would be one of the biggest names in the sport today to be found to test positive for a Performance Enhancing Drug. Let me clear that up. Braun was tested and found to have a high level of testosterone, which is a chemical the body produces naturally, NOT A STEROID. The testosterone was found to be synthetic which puts it on the list of banned substances. There are many items that could have made him test positive for raised levels of such, including male enhancement treatments such as those given to men who suffer from Low-T, a condition on which the body produces low amounts of testosterone and causes the patient to experience lack of willingness to do many things. When Braun received word that the first test came back positive he immediately demanded another test which then came back negative. He is hoping to use these results to help him clear his name and his reputation. The few things that may hurt him while trying to do so could be the length of time between the two tests.

The thing that has many people puzzled is why would such a prominent young athlete like Braun would resort to PED'S. By far one of the best outfielders in the game today, why would you decide to tarnish your name and reputation as a star athlete by starting to use performance enhancers. It's quite possible that Ryan Braun could be exonerated and go back to living an everyday life. Then all of the fuss over this would just be a large distraction for Ryan, his family and fans. But if he does test positive, with the so called steroid era supposedly being over, the breaking of this news has some people wondering, if everything that is being done to try and stop the use of PED's is really enough, or have PED's truly become part of the game.

Until next time, Beers, Brats, and Championships.

-Brandon Krueger (@WSB_Brandon)

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