Friday, February 8, 2013

Interview with Brewers Prospect Tyrone Taylor

Player Profile
Name: Tyrone A. Taylor
Age: 19 (Born 1/22/1994)
Birthplace: Torrance, CA
School: Torrance HS
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Year Drafted: 2012 (2nd Round, 92nd overall)
Position: Centerfield
Throws: R
Bats: R
Minor League Affiliate: Helena Brewers

Andrew: Growing up, baseball wasn't your first choice. What made you make the switch from football to baseball?

Tyrone: I’ve been playing ball since I was like 4 years old, so baseball has actually been the sport I grew to love. I really only played three years of football in high school and had the time of my life doing it, but baseball has always been the sport for me.

Andrew: If it wasn't for your successes in sports, what would be your ideal career outside of baseball?

Tyrone: Probably becoming a physical therapist.

Andrew: Name an athlete that stands out to you as someone who inspired you to become an athlete yourself.

Tyrone: My mom was good at softball, so being young and seeing her newspaper clippings on the walls of the house everyday inspired me to want to be an athlete just like her.

Andrew: What were your favorite sports teams growing up?

Tyrone: I’m a California guy haha so growing up I was a fan of the Lakers, Dodgers, and Kings. Now the Brewers are definitely in that list of teams haha

Andrew: If you had an opportunity to play with or against one baseball player that has either retired from the game or passed away, who would it be?

Tyrone: I’d want to play with Willie Mays because he was arguably one of the best centerfielders ever and I would learn so much from just watching him.

Andrew: Residing in California, there are many attractions to keep yourself occupied. What are some things in California you enjoy doing on your free time?

Tyrone: The amusement parks here are really fun to go to. The beaches are nice, and I also enjoy going to some Laker games when I get the chance.

Andrew: Last week in Milwaukee it was -4 degrees out with a wind chill that made it feel -17 degrees. If you made it to the big league roster as a full time player for the Brewers, would you consider moving to Milwaukee and living here year round?

Tyrone: Yeah I’d definitely consider it. Even though it’s cold, from what I saw on my short visit Milwaukee is really beautiful.

Andrew: Let's talk about draft day. Talk about that experience and what it felt like when you were taken in the second round by Milwaukee.

Tyrone: It was a very exciting day. My family and a couple friends were at my house watching and the anticipation of just hearing my name be called was crazy! When I heard my name called it was a great feeling, and when I realized it had been the Brewers that drafted me I couldn’t have been any more excited. It was a great moment to share with my family and friends and also my area scout Dan Houston who was the first person to call me after I had been chosen.

Andrew: Have you made any trips to Miller Park yet? If so, how did it feel knowing that could be you one day on there on the field?

Tyrone: I briefly saw the outside of it when I made a trip to get my shoulder mri done, but by the way it looks on TV with all the great fans at every single game and how beautiful the field is, I get goose bumps just thinking about how amazing that would be.

Andrew: In your opinion, who is the greatest baseball player of all time?

Tyrone: I feel Willie Mays is because he played a great centerfield and was able to hit for both power and average through his career.

Andrew: St. Louis Cardinal fans are considered the "intelligent" fans of baseball, and rightfully so. How would you describe Brewer fans in the realm of baseball?

Tyrone: The “best” fans of baseball. If you watch a Brewers game you can feel the excitement of the stadium through the television screen. I myself have witnessed how amazing and supportive Brewers fans are by receiving kind messages wishing me luck on my first full season coming up. I’m thankful to be part of an organization with such a great fan base.

Andrew: Overall, what are your early perceptions of the Milwaukee Brewers organization?

Tyrone: Everyone in the organization is great. Trainers, coaches, front office, players. I couldn’t be happier to be in this fantastic organization.

Andrew: How's your shoulder holding up?

Tyrone: My shoulders great! I’m excited to go out there this year with my shoulder feeling the best its ever felt.

Andrew: Chipotle or Qdoba?

Tyrone: I’m definitely a Chipotle kinda guy haha

Andrew: Steroids in baseball is a serious subject right now. Talk about your feelings about Performance Enhancing Drugs in baseball.

Tyrone: I mean I believe in working hard to get where you want to be is key. So I don’t really see how people can use steroids to cheat there way to where they want to be and feel good about themselves. It’s just all bad.

Andrew: What is your main goal you have set for yourself going into the 2013 season with the Brewers?

Tyrone: Just to maintain a routine through the season in order to stay healthy so I can stay on that diamond and have fun playing the sport I love.

Until next time, Beers, Brats, and Championships.

-Andrew Vrchota (@AndrewVrchota)

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