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Green Bay Packers 2013 NFL Draft Results

Day 1: Round 1, Pick 26: Datone Jones, DE, UCLA - I really love this pick. Ted Thompson did something that he usually doesn't do, and that's draft top needs vs. top available talent. I've been high on Datone Jones since I began my research on this year's draft. I didn't include him in any of my mock drafts because I figured Ted would pass. Boy am I glad I was wrong. Back in March I tweeted Jones would be a lock for Green Bay.

Granted we didn't get Jackson, the Packers saw no desire or need in taking a running back in the offseason or first round. Again, Ted drafting by need is truly a great thing. Makes me look forward to the upcoming rounds.

I said before the draft that I expected the Packers to select a defensive lineman, as they kicked the tires on Chris Canty and Steve McLendon in the offseason. Since Cullen Jenkins left, there has been problems with our pass rush from the linemen. Jones has the potential to be an instant game changer and huge play-maker for the Packers.

Everyone for the most part wanted Ted to trade down, which seemed logical with Geno Smith, Manti Te'o, and Eddie Lacy all falling in the draft. The Packers will likely still trade at some point. My guess is he'll trade the 2nd round pick for a 3rd and 5th round pick. 

Day 2: Round 2, Pick 55: (TRADED to 49ERS for their 61ST and 173RD PICKS)

Day 2: Round 2, Pick 61 (from 49ers): Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama - The Packers traded their 55th overall pick to the 49ers for their 61st pick and 173rd pick (6th round).

Well, this kind of fell into Ted's lap. Lacy had interest in joining Green Bay back at the Combine. I don't mind this pick. It makes sense. I was high on Lacy for a while. Listing him as our number one pick in one mock draft, and number two pick in another. Turns out, he did fall just like many suspected.

Lacy is a great runner who will be an instant number one running back in our system. He is also a great blocker, something the Packers needed in a runner for a while now. Packers executives aren't too concerned about his injuries. Lacy HAS to stay healthy for this pick to be acceptable. Good talent still to come in the third round for offensive line.

Day 2: Round 3, Pick 88: (TRADED to 49ERS for their 93RD and 216TH PICKS)

Day 2: Round 3, Pick 93 (from 49ers): (TRADED to DOLPHINS for their 109TH (4th round), 146 (5th round), 224 (7th round)

Day 2 Recap

We drafted Eddie Lacy. I've opened up to this pick and I'm going to let it run it's course. We needed a running back. Bottom line.

I liked that we were able to trade aggressively and get a total of ten picks to finish out the Draft tomorrow. We have two 4th round, three 5th round, two 6th round, and three 7th round picks. Busy day tomorrow for the Packers. The focus will be mainly on offensive and defensive line, linebacker, and safety. With those extra picks, the Packers could now take a wide receiver, a tight end, or even a kicker if need be. Should be fun to watch.

Only one pick fell off the board that I really liked. Safety J.J. Wilcox went to the Cowboys in the 3rd round. The Packers were really high on him. But, oh well. That's why you shouldn't get too attached with a player in the draft. Save the disappointment for something else more worthy, like the Milwaukee Bucks for example.

See you all tomorrow for Day 3!

Looking over the picks from yesterday, I forgot to mention another player that went off the board that I really liked. Sio Moore, OLB, Penn State would have been a nice addition to compliment Matthews on the other side.

Day 3: Round 4, Pick 109 (from Dolphins): David Bakhtiari, OT, Colorado - This pick is a steal. Bakhtiari was projected to be a second or third round pick, and he fell here. Good protection for Aaron Rodgers at left tackle, but David will likely be able to play guard as well.

Day 3: Round 4, Pick 122: J.C. Trenner, OT, Cornell - Man, the Packers are drafting like they have a QB to protect or something. Another offensive lineman. This time, it's J.C. Trenner. Like Bakhtiari, he is a left tackle that will likely learn to play the entire offensive line. Another solid pick here by the Packers.

Day 3: Round 4, Pick 125 (from Broncos): Johnathan Franklin, RB, UCLA - STEAL! Holy crap, Ted. The Packers moved up in the draft to take a 2nd running back in the draft. The Packers are serious about patching the running game, obviously. The trio of Lacy/Franklin/Harris is scary good. Franklin provides good depth in case Lacy does in fact get injured, which was the reason Lacy dropped to the second round to begin with. Thompson is a great man for this pick. Bravo.

Day 3: Round 5, Pick 146 (from Dolphins): (TRADED to BRONCOS for their 125TH PICK)

Day 3: Round 5, Pick 159: Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa - I figured the Packers would eventually draft a defensive back, and I don't mind it here at all. Micah is listed as a corner back, but I foresee the Packers converting him to safety. Either that or they will convert a current corner to safety. Either way, the Packers got a very good DB. Takes good routes. His top of the line talent if he's in front of a play. Listed at 5'11"3/4, so he's 6 feet tall.

Day 3: Round 5, Pick 167: Josh Boyd, DT, Mississippi State - This is a great pick, especially considering that we don't know the future of our defensive line following this season. Multiple reports indicate he has a good motor. He is 310 pounds but is said to carry his weight well. Big fan of Josh. Pickett, Raji, and Boyd could be great on many levels.

Day 3: Round 6, Pick 173 (from 49ers): (TRADED to BRONCOS for their 125TH PICK)

Day 3: Round 6, Pick 193: Nate Palmer, OLB, Illinois State - The pick makes a whole lot of sense. The Packers were his only workout during the pre-draft process. He lead all of college football in quarterback hits, which is highly appealing. Somewhere, Clay Matthews smiles. Pass rush is looking awfully promising heading into the season.

Day 3: Round 7, Pick 216 (from 49ers): Charles Johnson, WR, Grand Valley State - I like the value in Charles Johnson and where we drafted him. He ran a 4.38 and a 4.39 40 yard dash at his Pro Day at GVSU. Scouting reports have nothing but good things to say about this kid. He's been compared to Miles Austin and Marques Colston, and I'm okay with that.

Day 3, Round 7, Pick 224 (from Dolphins): Kevin Dorsey, WR, Maryland - Ted really did a great job addressing the wide receiver position in the 7th round. Dorsey is another great talent. Had a 38 inch vertical and ran a 4.47 40 yard dash. Standing at 6'2", he will have a height advantage over a lot of DBs. Dorsey and Johnson could be making us say "Greg who?" sooner than we think.

Day 3: Round 7, Pick 232: Sam Barrington, ILB, South Florida - Last but not least, the Packers took an inside linebacker to add depth to a much injured and inconsistent ILB core for the Packers. Barrington was heavily scouted by the 49ers, which makes me even more thrilled Green Bay got him. During his Pro Day, he ran a 4.69 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He recorded a 37-inch vertical leap and went 10-foot-2 in the broad jump. Barrington also went 4.25 in the short shuttle. He's going to fit right into the scheme of linebackers for the Packers and contribute well on special teams.

Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Lane Taylor, OG, Oklahoma St. (confirmed signing)

Ben Erickson, S, Illinois St. (confirmed signing)
Matt Brown, QB, Illinois St. (confirmed signing)
Gilbert Pena, DT, Mississippi (confirmed signing)
Jake Stoneburner, TE, Ohio State (confirmed signing)
Patrick Lewis, C, Texas A&M (confirmed signing)
Andy Mulumba, DE/OLB, Eastern Michigan (confirmed signing)
Angelo Pease, RB, Kansas State (confirmed signing)
Myles White, WR, Louisiana Tech (confirmed signing)
Jeremy Vujnovich, OT, Louisiana College (confirmed signing)
Ryan Roberson, FB, Texas (rumored)
James Winchester, LS, Oklahoma (rumored)
Devin Willis, CB, Northern Arizona (camp tryout)
Damond Smith, CB, South Alabama (camp tryout)
Cedrick Moore, S, Stony Brook (camp tryout)

This was a great draft by Ted Thompson. And many agree. Many draft experts are grouping the Packers with the Steelers, 49ers, and Ravens. Ted addressed every area on the team that needed attention. He made many trades that turned out to be very beneficial. I like all of our picks and have nothing bad to say about it. On, the Packers didn't receive a draft grade lower than a C. Truly great job by the Packers staff over the past three days. Onto training camp!

Until next time, Beers, Brats, and Championships.

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